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Volunteer Work and Internship: 

We have a limited opportunity for International volunteers and interns to join our education and library development programs. We are especially interested in volunteers and interns that can help strengthen the culture of reading and use of the library by improving staff capacity, institutional systems, structures, management , library development and working with children, young adults/students, schools and community to ensure success of the library for the benefit of the community in Siaya County. We invite international volunteers from Europe, USA and Scandinavian Countries with relevant library development and information , fundraising skills, education training with children issues and experiences, who are ready to work for a period of not less than six months.

Accommodation for volunteers and interns:

Siaya Community Library management will organize for a family to stay with or a hostel at a minimal rate for accommodation . But this can only be for a limited number of volunteers. Daily needs on food and other items must be met by the volunteer or intern. It is therefore advisable for volunteers and interns to get own sponsorship to cover his her period in Siaya Kenya.

Let us work together for a better County of Siaya and a better world!

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Become a Partner

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Partnerships and Collaboration

There is an overwhelming demand for our program of “poverty reduction and wealth creation through education and promoting a reading culture in Siaya County”. There is a tremendous impact being realized through an increase of the number of readers and students coming to access in Siaya library. We are currently only able to reach a small fraction of the community in need because of our limited resources. There is urgent need to help us stock the library with books, computers and other educational materials as well as administration services for four staff to serve the project for a period of two years before the it get’s into it’s feet to be self sustainable.

We are appealing to Kenyans in Diaspora, International Rotary Clubs, donor agencies, private sector corporate bodies , International libraries, sister cities seeking sister partners and individuals of good will to work with Siaya Community in partnership and help so that we expand and deepen the scope of these project. There is a critical need for funding to build Ultra-Modern Library ( Siaya Library) in Siaya which will act as iconic center with in the Siaya County headquarter. It will help us to replicate each community library in every sub-County of Siaya.

Apart from the library program which act as a source for information, promote culture of reading and improvement of education performance of students in the County. We are as well seeking partnership and funding support for other programs on empowerment and supporting needy children through education.

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Siaya Community Library has given birth to Sarah Obama Library

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The Siaya Community Library has given birth to Sarah Obama Library on December 2014.

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Sarah Obama Library goes on to digital. An Initiative of Mama Sarah Obama through Siaya Community Library. The official launch was graced by Library patron Mama Sarah Obama and Dr. David Risher, President and CEO of The Worldreader, Founder and Director of the Library Mr. John Ahaya and Dr.Charles Owino.

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adminSiaya Community Library has given birth to Sarah Obama Library
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